NIR Spectroscopy

In the last ten years, near Infrared spectroscopy became very popular, for very wide range of applications. The main utility is its application for rapid and non-destructive analyses of bulk materials. Recent development of statistical soft wares made the technique very popular. Moisture, Protein, ash, Calcium, phosphorous, acid value/ fat, salinity, amino acid, fiber contents etc.,. can be measured in Feed raw materials, finished products, Oil seeds quality, grain detection.

Color Spectrophotometer

Other instruments that can find application is Color Spectrophotometer. It is applicable for related food products mainly for Color measurement for various samples ranging from liquids such as juices, meat, cereals, vegetables like tomato etc.,. Color indices and Color scales can be measured. Softwares are available for Statistical Quality Analysis for Mean average on each data field. Standard deviation on each data field, Trend plots, Histogram with Tolerances can be measured.

Written by Avinash