Swan Scientific - Analytical Solutions


Swan Scientific provides dynamic solutions that are apt to customer requirements. We are proud partners of world leaders in Scientific Instruments.

Our line and array of products are as below:
Research and Development Lab Analyzers for TOC, TKN, FAT, CHNOS, Elemental analysis etc. along with a range of Rheometers. General Lab Instruments like Refractometers, Polarimeters, Melting Point Apparatus, Incubators, Mixers/Shakers etc  and various water testing instruments for TOC/BOD/COD, pH,  conductivity etc.Field Lab Instruments like IR Thermometers, Sound Level Meters, Multi-Parameter Soil Survey instruments etc.

Specific field related instruments for Material Science like Thickness Gauges and Hardness Testers ; for Microbial Science like Air Samplers, Counters for Colonies and particles ; for Refineries like  monitors for corrosion, benzene, VOC’s, Sulphur in Oil ; for Forensic applications like Light Sources, Digital Imaging  Solutions etc  along with State of the art Leak Detectors for Gases and SF6