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    Swan Scientific - Analytical Solutions
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    +(386) 59 632 746
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    Swan Scientific provides dynamic solutions that are apt to customer requirements. We are proud partners of world leaders in Scientific Instruments.

    Our line and array of products are as below:
    Research and Development Lab Analyzers for TOC, TKN, FAT, CHNOS, Elemental analysis etc. along with a range of Rheometers. General Lab Instruments like Refractometers, Polarimeters, Melting Point Apparatus, Incubators, Mixers/Shakers etc  and various water testing instruments for TOC/BOD/COD, pH,  conductivity etc.Field Lab Instruments like IR Thermometers, Sound Level Meters, Multi-Parameter Soil Survey instruments etc.

    Specific field related instruments for Material Science like Thickness Gauges and Hardness Testers ; for Microbial Science like Air Samplers, Counters for Colonies and particles ; for Refineries like  monitors for corrosion, benzene, VOC’s, Sulphur in Oil ; for Forensic applications like Light Sources, Digital Imaging  Solutions etc  along with State of the art Leak Detectors for Gases and SF6