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    Multi-functional Portable Heavy Metal Analyser
    General Lab Instruments
    HM-3000P is a new model for 2013 based on the authority-approved standard method, anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV) which features low cost and high precision and...
    Electrophoresis Systems
    General Lab Instruments
    Various options available: Horizontal, Verticial, Pulsed Field, 2D gel etc. Several gel sizes, plate sizes, buffer volumes available. Abundant buffer not only guarantees cooling effects,...
    Soil Test Kits
    Agri Sciences
    This line of combination soil analysis outfits offers the finest visual color matching system available to today’s agronomist. Technically advanced reagent systems and unique extraction...
    Plant Growth Chamber
    General Lab Instruments
    LCD Display Controller Simultaneous control of temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2 10 step program control and repetition function Lamp On Delay function (Reduces plant stress due...
    Water Distillation Apparatus
    General Lab Instruments
    Interior and exterior made of anti-corrosive stainless steel. With water leveler installed, it automatically cuts off power supply to stop operation when water level is...
    General Lab Instruments
    Microprocessor PID auto-tuning controller with digital setting and display. Air jacket system ensures uniform temperature distribution in chamber, along with excellent thermal insulation. Double-door system...
    Ball Mill
    General Lab Instruments
    High operational reliability, stable performance, simple structure and easy maintenance. Model with speed controller available. Displays realtime operation speed utilizing rpm meter.
    General Lab Instruments
    Precise shaking speed control is ensured by feedback control system. Adopting brushless motor, noiseless operation and no overheating of motor is ensured. Digital timer with...
    Laboratory Centrifuges
    General Lab Instruments
    Built to last, these Centrifuges have strong construction yet offering a sleek modern design that will fit into any modern laboratory. No compromises on quality....
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